If you haven't noticed by now, Up 'n Joe is a beverage company. Our goal is to provide the consumer with a refreshing and enjoyable product. Our team at Up 'n Joe is dedicated to making our customers happy. If you haven't tried our products yet then maybe it's time to visit your nearest Up 'n Joe retailer and pick up one of our cans. We are certain you won't want to put it down. As we say here at Up 'n Joe, go on, Joe for it.

The Up 'n Joe brand was founded in mid 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

2011 - The Idea of Sparkling Coffee

The Idea

The Idea
They say it all begins with a thought or idea. In saying that, it's the desicion to make those ideas into reality that makes things move. It was late 2011 where the founder of Up 'n Joe, born and raised in Sydney, Australia, took a vacation to Los Angeles, California, where the idea was formed, the concept of carbonated coffee. There was no name to this idea, it was simply an idea. Perhaps if it wasn't for the vision of the founder this idea would have never become a reality. The decision was made to make this idea into a reality. The founder of Up 'n Joe decided to make way for the United States of America to turn this idea into a reality.

Then came the development in 2012
2012 - Development of Sparkling Coffee

The Development

Making it reality
A new opportunity awaited for founder who landed in Los Angeles, California. The long and greuling process of development began. After many inadequate developments and formula's the final product was eventually finalized. We decided to think out of the box and collaborate coffee with a soda, the end result was Up 'n Joe and we love it. With a dark roast espresso blend and a sparkling effervescence we created a very unique product. Finally, the idea was becoming a reality. It was named Up 'n Joe!

Development out of the way came the final product
2013 - Spakling Coffee Is Out

It's Out

It's finally here
So on a vacation in Los Angeles, California, it all started. It was simply just an idea. After relocating from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, the development started to begin. After a long process of product development, research and constantly evolving the formula, designs and brand, Up 'n Joe finally hit the US Market. Launching the brand within the greater Los Angeles area but moving to hit the entire US market. Once development was completed the reality was beginning to set in. Up 'n Joe went from a simple idea to reality!

But we're never finished!
2014 - The Future for Sparkling Coffee

The Future

From here on...
You may think we are finished but our work at Up 'n Joe is never finished. We believe that if you're not taking steps forward then you're either standing still or moving backwards and you're not constantly evolving. Up 'n Joe, now a brand with its product in stores has planned for the future, with new products and additions constantly being developed behind the scenes and to hit the shelves as they are completed. Up 'n Joe believes that a product can always improve and have constant R&D in place to grow it's brand and constantly evolve as the years go by.

Stay tuned, we are constantly evolving!